Boavista, A Ilha Fantástica


What to do/place to see:

Praia Curralinho/Santa Monica: a long beach in the south of Boavista, called also “Santa Monica” as the famous beach in California

Curral Velho: an abandoned fishermen village with another wonderful beach

Praia Chaves: Chaves is a wonderful beach full of high sand dunes that run down to a glorious turquoise sea.

Praia de Chaves by Himbeerdoni (Flickr;Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Praia de Chaves by Himbeerdoni

Video about wonderful boavista beaches


Video about Boavista Snorkeling

When to go:

For me the best months to go are:

March/April/May: you can do whale whatching

July/August/September/October: the weather is good and you can see the turtle. Turtle-watching tours (observation of nesting loggerhead turtles) are conducted at night from early July to mid October.

How to go:

Local ecotourism agency which promotes ecotourism activities on Boa Vista by making local people aware about the economical value of the natural resources and the importance of a long-term conservation, facilitating their involvement and participation in the project activities and benefits

Where to go:

Sal Rei:


Migrante guest house

Small boutique hotel with charme in Sal Rei


Ca Luisa (lobster, italian food)

When I came to Boavista some years ago, I discovered this genuine restaurant with the wonderful creole cuisine from Luisa (Lobster, tuna, local fish)

When Luisa decided that she was tired of working and that it was time to enjoy a well earned rest, Bruno decided to try to put his previous experience in the restaurant in what has always been the “monument” for good food in Boavista.”

For what I see, the comments are still very positive.

But if you want, Luisa is still cooking in her home for people who is interested in tasting real creole cuisine

Restaurant: Sodade di nha terra

Owner and Chef is a cape-verdian who has lived and worked for a long time in Switzerlandand and came back to Boavista for the “saudade” for his homeland.

His meat specialty is the small goat stew


Espingueira Eco Lodge

Magical location, oasis of calm, 35 minutes far away from Sal Rei, in the north of Boavista, after Santa Maria beach


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